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Five ways to know if you are walking with God

With so many denomination in this world, a person can become confuse on which way to go or not to go, and as the is approaching more, it is vital to know that we are walking with God. And if we are walking with him, how can we know or describe it. I have come up with five simple question that can help to identify if you are walking with God. Disclaimer, the Holy Spirit is the only one that can make it possible to walk with God, therefore the person must have the spirit of God to be able to do or experience anything listed below.

  • How do you feel about God? and what type of relationship you have with him? You most likely will not walk with a stranger right, or if you do, it will be at a distance. Walking with God means to have an intimate relationship with him, he knows you and you know him, so without a personal relationship with him, you can’t truly walk with him.
  • What is your relationship with sin? are you living in sin? Sin is humanity downfall. Adam and Eve was kicked out of the Eden because they did not follow God’s command. We inherit a sinful nature that separated us from God, we became an enmity to him, until Jesus came and pay our debt in full to be reconciled.
  • Are you living by faith? Living a life of repentance? Salvation can only be obtain by faith, there’s no amount of work we can do to earn salvation. Therefore those who are sons and daughters of God will live by faith. Living by faith is to rely and depend on God, trusting in him to work in us through us to live for him. A life of repentance is denying the flesh day to day and choose to live for God by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Do you fellowship with other believers? The early church met with one another every sabbath to fellowship and to study the word. We are encourage to do the same, to not neglect the assembly as it is important in a believer life. Spiritual gifts were given to each members of the Church to help each other grow.
  • Are you sharing your faith? all believers are called to be a witness to others so everyone can partake of the goodnews, the gospel. When you truly have experienced the gospel, it’s impossible not to share with your friends, strangers, and neighbors.

Based on my personal relationship, these are the things that I have witness myself and in others as well.I hope with these five simple question, you are able to find clarity about your walk with God. If you are not sure about where you stand with God, you can start by talking to him and remember if you hear his voice, please don’t harden your heart.

Scriptures for this blog: John 6:44, Isaiah 59:2, Genesis 3:1-6, John 3:16, Romans 1:17, Hebrews 10:25, Matthew 28:16-20, Act 15:21

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  1. Great post Lookha! I’m glad you spoke of the Holy Spirit. We can do nothing in our own strength. These days I realise that I beat witness the most in my conduct and how I treat others. A big area on conviction for me recently. I can do anything if I do not have love ‘charity’.x


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