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Five reason why you should have a Prayer Tracker

  1. We need to be reminded of God’s faithfulness
  2. reading out your answered prayer is good for your growth
  3. Testimony
  4. it can help us to witness to others who are having a hard time believing in the power of prayer
  5. Reminder of why we need to continue to pray

This idea came from my sister Beltha and I wanted to share it with you all. I know this can be time consuming but it is worth it. I created a prayer tracker template you can use as a guide. Stay bless 😊

Prayer Tracker
Your favorite verse!
For Who, Yourself, Family, Church, FriendsDate       AnsweredPrayer Description


My name is Lookha Albert, but my friends call me looks and I am so excited you’re here. My journey is long with a lot of detour but the Lord promise he will work it out for my good. Let’s face it, being a Christian is hard and doing it alone will only make it harder so let’s do it together. Let us seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; trusting that we will lack nothing for God will supply our needs. If you are ready to do this, follow this blog and share it with you friends so we all can be equip to do God’s will.

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