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Food and Christianity.

The longest a person can survive without food is three weeks according to Food provides nutrients, fuel and the growth we need to keep functioning. Now what does food have to do with Christianity, you asked? Scripture tell us that our body is a temple for God, a living sacrifice (1 Corinthians 6:19) so if we truly believe that verse, then we should be taking care of body. Meaning, we should be conscious about what we put in our body. Why? it can and will affect the work you and I are called to do.

Before you wonder off, this post is not an advertisement for you to become vegan or to join a specific diet but instead it’s on the importance of having a healthy lifestyle as you fulfill the calling on your life. According to food can affect your mood, productivity, emotions, health, and skins. For example, certain food can make you tired, sleepy and lack of energy, whereas certain food can increase energy, boost your metabolism and endorphins . So, if food can affect your body then it can definetly affect your works.

Imagine a pastor who has a poor eating habit, he eats all type of food which makes him tired, lack of energy and unmotivated. Although he is called to ministry, he is having a hard time to stay up to finish his sermon, lack of motivation, and his health is getting worse etc. All those things affecting him will eventually affect the congregation as well. Don’t get me wrong, unhealthy food is not the only thing that can affect this but it does play an important part. Nonetheless, God can still use this pastor to deliver a message but that shouldn’t enable him to stay unhealthy.

God wants us to be healthy and proficient in our callings. And as believers we should also want to be healthy and profiency as we continue on the tasks set before us. So take a food and health assessment and make the necessary change to improve your health. And don’t worry, you are not alone, as I also struggled with my weight for quite sometime. You see when God brought me into ministry, he has also open my eyes to see my unhealthy eating habits with the desire to make a change and that is what i am also hoping for you after reading this post.

To conclude, this post is not to fat shame you or make you feel guilty about your weight but instead to open your eyes on the impact food has on us. With that being said, food is not above God or his power, however, the things we put in our body can affect the productivity of our work for God.

Stay bless 😊


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