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Life after #COVID-19

Happy New Year! Last year 2020, you created goal charts, vision board, and you had your making money mindset ready to take on the world. To push this a step further, some of you even started seeing result of your hard work, but not all had a chance to start before the world went into a crisis. Here’s a link to my last post to catch up 👇🏽

I am glad you all caught up 👌🏽. Since we have nothing but time in quarantine, have you thought about your life after this virus 🦠 or the changes that comes after surviving this virus?. 🙋🏽‍♀️I have! and one thing for sure, it will be a new normal for everyone. First thing first, please understand that you can’t control the changes in the world but you have control over your reaction.

The recovery from this pandemic will take time and I am not talking days, I’m thinking months because we all have to adapt in our own way. Such as creating a new schedule to help you ease back to life and society. Others may try to catch up with time by participating in all type of activities. While some will change, for good or the bad. At the end of this pandemic, it can feel like a new year but with less time. However, with all that being said even if it takes us sometime to get back to normal, what are you going back to? Are you going back to God because you realize you wasn’t truly saved? Are you going back to the job you hated? Or are you going back to being depressed?

In the book of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar made a new rule that everyone must bow down and worship the golden image, no expection. As expected, Daniel continued with his daily devotion to God. So how was Daniel able to still carryon with his daily prayer to God?

If your mind has gone there, and you know what there is, let me just clarify. This post is not a confirmation for you to disobeyed the order that came from the government to social distancing and temporary closing churches. As we should know, scripture tell us to follow the law of the land with the exception if the law is in conflict to God’s law.

Daniel was able to remain devoted to God because he was devoted to Him from the beginning. He didn’t start when the hard time came but instead he continue the work. Let’s compare that statement with our current situation, ———–what did you do before quarantine time, did you spend time with God on a regular?, were you eating healthy before this started? lastly, did you have structure before this new schedule?. ———–The answer is, whatever you were doing before this pandemic you will most likely continue to do it. 😶 This is not to say that you will not adjust and move few things around but for the most part, the important things will stay the same. Therefore, if you were truly committed to God you will continue to be so, even more, if you were eating healthy and exercising before quarantine you will find a way to do the same and lastly if you were organized before, you will push yourself to keep a structure while you are quarantine.

On that account, bad time doesn’t bring new habits, but instead it reveals habits you already have. You’re not going to suddenly eat healthy because you’re in quarantine or spend time with God because you finally have the “time” to do but instead you will continue as is and hope for a different outcome.

We all want to be saved, healthy and successful but all of that will not come without a price, commitment, self control and discipline. This quarantine has shown me that if you were committed before this started, you will remain committed in the middle and after it all. That being so, use this quarantine time to reflect on your habits and most importantly open your eyes to deal with the habits you have. I say all of that because I hope you don’t come back from this quarantine the same but instead a stronger person and the only way you can do that is with Christ.

Please leave your comments, I would love to hear from you. Stay Bless 😇😊


My name is Lookha Albert, but my friends call me looks and I am so excited you’re here. My journey is long with a lot of detour but the Lord promise he will work it out for my good. Let’s face it, being a Christian is hard and doing it alone will only make it harder so let’s do it together. Let us seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; trusting that we will lack nothing for God will supply our needs. If you are ready to do this, follow this blog and share it with you friends so we all can be equip to do God’s will.

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  1. I liked that you sighted Daniel a role model we can all follow. I also like your emphasis on we will have to pay the price to get our desired result. Life after this pandemic is real! Thanks for sharing this post to self evaluate.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and most importantly your feedback is important to me. And for sure, life after this pandemic is real, we need to stick close to Jesus even more. ❤️


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