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Temporary Pleasure.

We all have sexual urges, believers and non believers. Urges are categorized as an sexual feeling, desires and wants among men and women. According to the website WebMD “Historically, it’s been thought that compulsive sexual behaviors affect mostly men. But women are showing that they are experiencing difficulty controlling sexual urges and behavior, too.” Dickenson explained that such behaviors can vary widely. “Some people might masturbate excessively so that it interferes with the ability to work, or someone might be paying for sex so much that it’s damaging financially.” So what do we do as believers when we are faced with temptation to indulge in our sexual urges.

The initial problem is, many believers think sexual urges are a problem only when the day to day life is affected by it, however Jesus said in the bible that if a person lustfully look at a woman he has already committed sin. In other word, the roots of the problem is our mind and our heart, for that’s where sin begin. After salvation, these urges are still there but the difference is you are a new creature and you are no longer under sin control. The Holy Spirit has been giving to you as a deposit the day you accept Jesus for the remission of sin. Your spiritual awakening is a new life, and a new heart with a right spirit. Therefore if you are truly born again you will want not to give in when you are tempted.

Wanting to change is the first step, and then you eventually get to the doing part. The bible encourage us to not only be hearers of the word but also doers. I can believe that I have been set free from the power of sin but if I keep making provision to sin then my belief foundation is not solid for faith without works is dead. Therefore, for you not to give into your sexual urges, you must identity your triggers point. I wrote a post about identifying the things that lead you back to the same sin, title “are you there yet?” for more information. Your temptation comes from somewhere, such as the nudity movies you watch, the company you keep and of course your hormones. You might say, well I was created that way, and I just can’t put away my hormones, which is understandable but you don’t have to let your hormones control you.

In addition, there’s a misconception belief that after baptism the sexual urges, desires or feeling will disappear on its own natural because of the victory in Christ. That belief can lead you astray because when temptation comes you won’t how to deal with it, so each time you will give in, but promise not to do it again until the next time. You do this cycle over and over again, feeling the guilt and shame over things that God has giving you the power over. At this moment you can accept defeat or keep pressing on to not give your body over to sin.

Three ways to press on.

  • Acknowledge the urges that you are battling with, such as fornication (sex before marriage) adulterous (sex with someone that is not your spouse), lust, masturbation and pornography.
  • Spending time with God by worship and by studying the word. Praying when you feel the sudden urges even if they are not strong. Don’t spend too much time alone because temptation increase when we are alone
  • Clean your house of things that will tempt you. Stop watching show that promotes sexual behavior and be mindful of the music you listen to because they can influence your decisions and increase sexual urges.

To end, these steps will only work when you are truly seeking God. As a result you will hate sin and become tired of sinning. Nonetheless, if sin is not a big deal to you, then you will continue to find a way to sin. I am a living proof that you can overcome sin because of the victory Christ has given me over lust, pornography and so many more. That happened when I became tired, broken and weary over my sin. I no longer wanted to play church, so there’s was only two option, be saved or perish. I hope you’re decision after reading this is to be saved and to overcome sin. Stay bless and press on 😊

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The scripture reading for this blog 1 Corinthians 15:33 James 2:26 1 John 5:4 Revelation 2:26, 21:7 John 16:33 Romans 6:12


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