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Let’s go back to the future.

Life can get so crazy with all the million things you have to do, that you can begin to feel as if you are not living life to your full potential. You start to feel like everyone else around you are living, except you. That was me couple of month ago, I was a lost puppy chasing its tail. One season I would know what to do and the next season I didn’t know where to begin. Feeling lost is frustrating and uncomfortable, however; I never stop asking God about my purpose, the meaning of my life and how to walk in it. Fun fact! you will know if you are walking in your purpose.

I recently receive a revelation that finding your purpose is a journey and not a one-day event. Meaning, God reveal your purpose in stages, and as you grow in him, he began to reveal more of it until the final scene.  When you know your purpose life feels different, you see things different and you approach things different. And I can finally understand what that feels like today as God has revealed his purpose for me. Now, before this revelation, I participated in different church ministry, such as Sabbath school, bible study etc., but I was not complete. Even so, those ministries all play a part of discovering my purpose, which is to be a witness.

A witness consists of sharing the Gospel, your faith, the word of God, his ways and his requirement. I used to think every Christian can wake up and be a witness because they want to, but now I realize it is God that call the individual to witness. You and I can’t witness in our own will, or strength but instead it is the Holy Spirit that empowers us and make us bold to step out even when we are in danger. Jesus told his disciples they will receive the Holy Ghost with power and then they shall be witnesses of him everywhere. The apostles would go to different cities because that’s how they were able to preach the Gospel in their time. Now in the 21st century the internet is one of the best way to share the Gospel, so I am witnessing to the world the way that I can.

Are you a pastor?

I am not a pastor or would claim to be one. I am just sharing the good news about Christ through my social media with every opportunity I have. I want to encourage believers to live a life pleasing to God by living life in the spirit. Reminding the world that judgement day is coming and hoping they will accept the truth. The Holy Spirit has also giving me spiritual gifts that connect to my purpose such as teaching, prophesying and encouragement.

When you are not being intentional about your life, the enemy will convince you that you are not living your best life. I lived in the past for the most of my present life, wishing things could be as they were once was. An easy life, I used to say. I used to say, I missed my simple life, no marriage, no children, no responsibilities and little to no conscience. During that time I taught I was alive, believing I was living my best life. But I never felt more alive until I started walking in my purpose. So I ask you today, what is the best life, is it when you’re single, rich, famous, married, having children or none of those things. You see, just because you have these things mention doesn’t mean you are living the best life or vice versa. Living your best life is not based on these things for they are just by product of living in purpose.


My name is Lookha Albert, but my friends call me looks and I am so excited you’re here. My journey is long with a lot of detour but the Lord promise he will work it out for my good. Let’s face it, being a Christian is hard and doing it alone will only make it harder so let’s do it together. Let us seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; trusting that we will lack nothing for God will supply our needs. If you are ready to do this, follow this blog and share it with you friends so we all can be equip to do God’s will.