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If you want peace then prepare to go to war.

Perceivable peace makes us believe that we have peace in our lives, in our trials and in our difficulties. Our physical demeanor says we are doing great but yet we are dying inside. Wouldn’t it just be easier to be at peace , where you don’t have to pretend. But instead we make our own conclusions to what peace is and how to obtain it. We tell ourselves, avoidance is peace and dealing with the problem is the drama. As a result, we avoid war to claim peace. So let me ask you, are you at peace.

The bible tells us true peace can only come from God. But what about yoga and Buddhism, they method advocates for peace, and yet you can only do so much yoga and meditation to be at peace. Jesus faced a similar question with his disciples and he blatantly told them, “I didn’t come to earth to bring peace but instead a sword”. But why, How can Jesus be the prince of peace and not bring peace to the world. The short answer is, there’s world peace and then there’s the peace of God. In so little words, Jesus told his disciple the peace they were looking for couldn’t be obtained until the ultimate peace was made between God and men. Therefore for you to be at peace with people, you first have to be at peace with God.

Some people perceive peace as not dealing with the person or situation but yet they are still troubled when that person name come up in a conversation. Is that peace; avoiding the problem so you can pretend to move on, or do you actually want to make peace with it, and with them. Peace is not obtained by not dealing with your problems, struggles or shortcomings. It is not by just hoping things will go away or by hiding it. But instead It is by dealing with the problem or situation now and not wait for things to get worse. A peaceful life will also be filled with trials and troubles; as we see in scripture the apostles were beaten, tortured and ridicules and yet they were at peace. This is the inner peace that God gives us that surpasses all of our understanding. The peace that makes you a peacemaker to reconcile others to God because of the price Jesus paid for you. Be at peace with God, yourself and others. Stay bless and ✌️.

Scripture for this blog: Philippians 4:7 Matthew 5:9 Colossians 3:15 Matthew 10:34


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